How to Use Decorative Concrete in Your Home

How to Use Decorative Concrete in Your Home

Decorative concrete is one of the hottest new trends for concrete floors in the home. This flooring system gives you the option to choose which shade of red you would like for a Spanish style looking deck at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. This flooring option also allows you to embed personal mementos or logos on your concrete floor. 

Concrete has nowadays become a versatile, cost-effective and more durable. Thanks to the latest concrete tools, dyes and stains, patterns, and textures decorative concrete can easily enhance the aesthetic value of your home even if you are in a tight budget. 

Ways to Use Decorative Concrete 

Textured Concrete

Adding texture to concrete can create many possibilities. Polished concrete can give concrete a high gloss or any level of gloss you desire for more click here. Concrete can also be stamped to resemble the look of brick, stone or tiles at a much lower cost. 

How to Use Decorative Concrete in Your Home

Colored Concrete

Concrete can be transformed into an attractive flooring system inside your home. Choose the right color and texture so it can complement the interiors of any room. 

Concrete can be colored by adding a powdery substance to the cement before it is poured. This will result in a permanent color spread throughout the entire surface. You can also opt to stain the concrete floor. Various colors are available for both methods. 

Concrete Fireplace Hearths

Concrete retains heat. So even if the fire has already been doused, it will yet radiate heat for a long time. A concrete fireplace hearth need not be dull and boring.

 It can be made seamless to create a monolithic structure. The stamped concrete can also be done to create the look of brick minus the cost and added maintenance. Stamped concrete can also be colored by a skilled installer to create different highlights and shadows.

There are so many ways to make concrete have a decorative look. Customization is easier because of the various tools and methods available today.