New to homeschool

New to homeschool

Have you been wondering maybe researching home education? Do you feel it
is time to start homeschooling, but you just don’t know where to start or what to do?

You are doing the first thing we suggest to new homeschool families.
Research, check out all the different cover (also known as church, umbrella) schools.

Look at their requirements, rules, and services. You want a cover school that fits your

homeschool. If you need alot of structure (by someone else) enroll with a cover school

that has alot of requirements and requires you to use their curriculum. If you want to

home school your way, then look at cover schools with only state requirements. like AHA.

Pro at homeschooling

If you are looking for a new cover school. If you are ready to homeschool your
way, not your covers way. Then we are here just for you. We provide legal covering

for the entire state of Alabama. We have only state requirements. We basically stay out

of your way so you can run your homeschool like you want, with the freedom to teach

anything, anytime, anywhere you choose. We are here if you need and want support,

information, help, or guidance.