AHA would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving

AHA would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to Alabama Hope Academy and Home school! We cover K-12.

We are taking enrollment for school year 2008-2009

Make sure you read this very carefully, you fully understand and agree with AHA on our enrollment, terms, conditions, policies and guidelines before you enroll.

AHA does not pro rate any enrollment fee nor does AHA give refunds, charge backs for any reason at anytime.

AHA provides legal covering so you may home school the way you are led. AHA does not require certain (any) curriculum, any meetings at anytime. You may teach anyway you are led, traditional, unschooling, eclectic, or any variation.

Testing is not required except for college bound, advanced High School Diploma; testing requirements are same as college requirements.

Enrollment fee is due at enrollment and all re enrollment is due on or before July 1st of each year. If AHA does not have your re enrollment in or before July 1st, we will notify your public system ASAP that you are no longer enrolled with us. If you do not enroll with another cover school you will be in truancy and AHA can not help you at that point.

140 days of school are required each year, you may have as many over 140 as you wish, and you may go year round if you choose.